Bitcoin Set-Backs

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Sun, Aug 03 2014 16:51:59

The idea of digital currency is amazing! Two can't argue about that! Freewell is what we all seek in this life and a digital currency can free us from corrupted govenrments and bank whom they spend our money in bonuses.

When I heard about Bitcoin I was excited and honestly I am still! However, there are some setbacks, which I wish they don't affect the future of this phenomena!

It’s very hard to get!

If you are in a country like Sudan it is almost impossible to get Bitcoins, from a greedy trader to a deceptive fella you cannot help it but to fall into their nets.

Lack of credit cards and international payments options is not helping either so still political sanctions imposed by U.S affecting our ability to Bitcoins! What a joke!

I've been looking for appropriate way to buy Bitcoins for almost 5 months now and couldn't! Can you imagine?!

Community is greedy!

Yes! Everyone is holding his Bitcoins hoping that one day one Bitcoin could buy him a Lamborghini.

One of the guys contacted me “I heard you need Bicoins” I said yes! I needed very few just to test a Bitcoin payment system I implemented, He sent me his price and I told him how much I need, It was may be $30 worth of Bitcoins. He said OK then came back to me later and said I only sell a full BTC no mBTC and that happened after I provided my address! I still doubt that he was just trying to get my address! Why? I don’t know!

Do you guys know how much 1 BTC in Sudanese Pound?! It is almost 6,100 which is a mid-engineer salary! Android App!

A perfect tool can enable you to do wonders... I believe mobile wallets are the best way to make Bitcoin mainstream but not App not now not in Sudan. They released a new version almost a month ago which I could not pair with my wallet. Contacted them and they mentioned something about a cloud provider which I believe do not provide services for people like me which they live in Sudan, here we are again Sanctions, Sudan, U.S bla bla bla.

Sure they can’t do something about it! Why? Because for them it does not make sense switching from provider to another to serve an area with almost Zero users ignoring that they will be the main reason Bitcoin could not make to a country which suffers economic crisis.

I am not a pessimist i believe things will change! but this is the situation now!




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