CakePHP a life saving framework

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Tue, May 06 2014 14:35:34

I am not a very good PHP coder and back in 2009 when i started thinking about taking my skills to the next level I was planning to learn how to program, because i honesty fed up with all of the programmers as they tend to screw my work, they never treated my designs the way I like them to be treated whether by messing them up or by ignoring a whole idea because they think it can't be done. I was thinking at that time "They just don't get it, I am going to teach myself how to program".

As i told you my programming skills never exceeding using <?php include(); ?> to insert some HTML headers or footers! May be a little more.. but the whole idea of Frameworks was new to me and i was thinking "It is going to be a tough journey". I started looking for options as they were so many to choose from like Symfony, Typo3 >_<, Zend Framework, CakePHP and others.

I read good things about Symfony but i soon discovered it was pain to learn and it is for huge projects so apparently  it is not for me as my projects are simple websites and CMSs. Then i went passing Typo3 as i have some horrible experience with it and its Typo Script! Typo Script! really?! Then Zend was very appealing but i also soon discovered some downsides one of them there was no support for PHP 4, remember this was 2009 many hosting providers were still stuck with PHP 4.

While i was searching, i came couple of times across CakePHP my first impression was this is not a good name for something I was suppose to build my work with but i soon realized it was a very good Framework and it has great features (Scaffolding, CRUD Baking, Well designed naming conventions and well organized good documentation), I bought couple of paper pack books from Amazon from APress and Packet (Sudanese Pound exchange rate was around 2.2 at that time) which got delivered to my brother abroad then he sent them to me with the first person coming to Sudan. I was so happy! It was a bless! and they helped me a lot! I learned very quickly and i was so happy i choose CakePHP its whole concept was very easy for me grasp as if me and the people who made it were somehow connected!

CakePHP saved my life cause it enabled me to do stuff i wouldn't be able to do using pure PHP I did many great projects for me and for my employers projects which are connected to multiple databases and integrated with very complicated echo systems and we did them while working simultaneously, Other developers which I introduce to this great framework were also very appreciative.


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