Don't let your schooling interfere with your education

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Sun, Aug 03 2014 22:39:17

Don't let schooling interfere with your education.
- Mark Twain

I have no degree in Computer Science or Information Technology instead I am a Mass Communications grad, therefore I am supposedly have no clue what a Programing Language is or how a computer work! Yes! According to my society I am a dead man!

Once upon a time and after we launch the iHost project and Softwex Card I received a call from a customer who was interested in our solution and requested a Softwex cards which I delivered, unfortunately couple of days after he was working in his friends workplace which is a company that provides VoIP solutions for mass market, which is prohibited by Sudanese law. The company got raided by NISS and all the employees got arrested and all the equipment got confiscated.

My customer, which has nothing to do with that company business, got arrested too, and when they searched him, they found our cards. By the way Softwex Cards are scratch off cards which is very similar to the ones used by telecom companies. Therefore NISS got confused and thought that these cards are related to VoIP.

Next day I received a nervous call from my customer “Mohammed! I need more cards!” he was clearly nervous! However, I didn’t get any worries. He said “Please can you meet me in the junction” I said ok it was 2 mins drive, when I arrived I noticed a window tinted van and someone waked towards me…

Officer: “We need you to come with us!”

Me: “Could you please show me some ID?”

Officer: “You need to meet my officer in the van”

The officer did show me his ID and we went off to my home to pick up some legal documents then to their offices.

The officer asked about a lot of stuff about our company and iHost project, which I think were essential to his investigation but what really pissed me off when he asked about my background and my studies and was trying to belittle my knowledge which was clearly much much more that his just because I am not a CS graduate!! He was saying stuff like you shouldn’t do this and shouldn’t do that and you would know if you were CS degree holder! I said to him “You see that bus driver? He can educate himself and become a scientist one day if he got the desire, Ibn Senna (Avicenna) wasn’t a degree holder!”

That NISS officer was stupid and was about to destroy me if I was a little bit weaker! I am just wondering how many other people he was able to squish!

The point what I am trying to make is you shouldn’t let people decide who you are and who you could become! You shouldn’t let inferior people laugh at you because they got a “better” degree despite being able to write better code than them (in my case). Don’t let harsh comments get you! Don't let your schooling interfere with your education.


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