Simple advice for Computer Science graduates

Posted by Mohammed Mahgoub on Mon, May 05 2014 15:58:27

I once laughed very hard when i heard someone saying In Sudan you can't wok because you have no experience and you can't get experience because you can't work and this is true not only Sudan but in the whole world, solving this dilemma is very simple for Computer Science graduates! You have to work for free! Since a programmer doesn't need more than laptop to do his/her work it is all about making a decision.

I had an old colleague once who was a CS degree holder but he wasn't working even in our IT department! Why? because he was waiting for someone to hire him just based on his university degree and his graduation project and you know what after almost 10 years now he still away from the field!

Many many things in this country could be solved and improved by software, dedicate some time to look for a problem you can solve -I am sure you will find one- no matter how hard you think it is just start thinking about ways to simplify it and breaking it into pieces and in no time you will find yourself coding therefore producing something useful and you can put in your resume next time.

You are in a stage which you are not suppose to think about money and income you are supposed to be thinking about learning and build upon the basics which teachers tough you in college.


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